NichiNichi Sake 720ml【日日 生もと 山田錦】

NichiNichi Sake 720ml【日日 生もと 山田錦】


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NichiNichi【日日 生もと 山田錦】



A very new brewery, but the Sake was amazing. Hands down the best Sake I had in Japan on my July 2022 Sake business trip out of about 100+ different Sakes.
Using Yamada Nishiki grown in Hyogo and water from Kyoto. And some secretive blend of rice and polishing rates.
Clean, Super Crisp & super Dry. Plenty Acidity on the palette unlike most sakes. A subtle  Smoky mid-range can only be felt if taste buds exceeds a certain concentration, Very smooth aftertaste, no alcohol is felt, but a lingering texture that makes one want to chew on it. One would immediately want to have another sip.
A popular Premium Sake from Japan. Keep refrigerated and enjoy Chilled. This sake can stay as fresh as new for a quite long time even after opened if kept around 0 degrees. The inaugural batch from the newly constructed brewery! This Sake is freshly curated from Japan and flew over here and refrigerated all the time.

NichiNichi Sake「日日 生もと 山田錦」

使用米 兵庫県東條産山田錦と旧米田村の契約栽培山田
アルコール度 13度
容量 720ml

NichiNichi Sake「日日 生もと 山田錦」

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