SakeMeta NFT First Release Year of the Tiger

SakeMeta Inaugural Year of the Tiger NFT released

With only a few days to spare, we finally released a sake-dedicated NFT for the Year of the Tiger. Although it is not from a famous artist, the profound purpose behind the release shall not be underestimated.

This release is the first of its kind, as a Sake based NFT (asset based NFT). It is not only a token to prove that one has owned a bottle (or a set) of premium Sake, but also it has added extra emotional and financial values into the world of premium Sakes.

Here is how it looks on OpenSea. You can see it has got Sake dedicated traits. This is still an Alpha release, but it is the one and only release for 2022 Year of the Tiger.

Here is a short video of its creation:

This NFT has been transferred to one of our very supportive VIP customer who has showed a lot of interest in this project from Day 1.

In the coming years, we are going to release different series of SakeMeta NFTs and some of them will be redeemable for real bottles of Sake. This is very similar to the En Primeur Token, which was created by a Singapore based capital fund. The token can be traded on Alta which in a government licensed exchange. En Primeur is French meaning wine futures. And we will be releasing Sake Futures Token (SFT) at SakeMeta. Please subscribe to our news letter if you are interested in future developments.




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