The Sake NFT Metaverse

As a seasoned Sake drinker, you might know that most Sakes must be drunk young, within one to two years after bottling. The aroma and subtle sensation of a great Sake vanishes over time, swiftly. The liquid turns light yellow then become brown. Just like freshly grounded curry paste or young LongJing “龙井” green tea leaf, their spectrum of taste structure diminishes quickly when oxidized.

Whiskey and red wine can be stored for decades and go up in value, but Sake?

No more empty-bottle-sadness. We use NFT as a token and proof that you have owned an exceptional bottle of Sake. You can enjoy the Sake freely now, having a peace of mind that the NFT will retain its value and potentially become more valuable in the future. Drink and Invest!

We team up with many artists and breweries to produce the most amazing and unique Sake NFTs. The NFTs also have the ability to ensure authenticity of the Sake.

Welcome to the world's first Sake NFT Metaverse, where NFTs found its backing assets and Sakes found its digital twins. Welcome to the future of Metaverse.

Please watch a short intro speech by the founder Ray on SakeMeta:

 Inaugural Series

One of our very first Sake NFT release is to honor the most famous Sake brand 十四代 or Juyondai in the year of Tiger, here is a sneak peek at one of the artworks in the inaugural series.

This NFT series will be up for grab soon together with our Sakes. Please subscribe to our news letter at the bottom of the page for the initial release news.

Sake NFT Smart Contract

NFT is a powerful tool that can enable a whole world of possibilities. We will release more details later, but for the time being, enjoy the Sake and the artwork itself.
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