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SakeMeta 清酒元 was established during the Covid years, of course. I drank a lot of Sake and dreamed... of putting Sake and NFT together :)

Jokes aside, having had a connection to Sake for over 2 decades, I wanted to introduce the artisan 職人匠心 culture from Japan a bit better into Australia, and at the time, putting our own brush on the canvas just like many innovative Aussie businesses do.

We are fast becoming one of the most well-known Premium sake retailer and wholesale supplier in Australia. Our showroom in Springvale is currently under-renovation.

You are welcomed to come and say hi. Please call us or email us to make an appointment. For whole sales customers, you may also pick up orders from here directly.

Sake元 SakeMeta


Tel: 03 9846 2338

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