Shugo Densetsu 酒豪伝説 6pack

Shugo Densetsu 酒豪伝説 6pack


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Legend has it, the Sake Master can drink so much because he secretly uses this special tablet.

Master of All Anti-hangover Tablets

Organically farmed and produced by a group of hardworking farmers in Okinawa, these tablets packs a high concentration of essences of the nature. The unique terroir of the Island makes these the Master of all anti-inflammatory, anti-hangover tablets. 


The Okinawa Gold, literally, the golden Turmeric (spring, white, autumn and purple) are the 4 main ingredients. The Okinawa Ogon have 22 times more curcumin (a strong anti-inflammatory substance) than normal turmeric. Add guava, gymnema sylvestre, mangelicon and julicon leaves, and freshwater clam extract (another known liver protector), we have this master of a anti-hangover tablet: Shugo Densetsu.

And the name of the product is so well transpired: 酒豪 (Champion or Master of Wine)伝説(Legend), together: the Legend of the Wine Master. It lets you drink profusely without being too drunk on the spot or hangover until the next afternoon...

You may have the tablets before, during or after your drink. From my personal experience, I can drink 10-15% more if I have the tablets before, and there is less extent of the a hangover if I did drank a lot of Baijiu or Sake.

Below is a video of how these tablets are made from a very humble agriculture setting.

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